On Arrival...Massage modalities...

 Deep Tissue Massage helps release constrictions in

  muscles and surrounding connective tissue. This work

  brings increased blood flow, oxygen supply and  energy to previously congested areas to assist muscle pain.

  Deep Tissue Massage works with connective tissues

  called fascia.  Fascia consists of thin layers of flexible

  supportive tissues that surround each muscle finer.

  Clients who experience chronically tight muscle areas

  may have fascial constrictions somewhere in their body.


Deep Tissue 

Trigger Point 

  Sports Massage uses manipulative soft tissue

    techniques along with stretching and joint

    mobilisation. The techniques are modified to

    meet the demands of the stage of athletic

    performance  i.e. pre-event/post-event/during

    competition/during training,restoration &


    This massage aims to loosen tight muscle

    fibres that have bound together from repetitive 

    movements and overuse. This then enhances

    lymph circulation - lubricating the muscles

    decreasing friction and removing toxins and


    Sports massage helps the athlete to improve

    strength and flexibility with a minimum of injury.


 Trigger Point therapy is excellent in the management

  of chronic pain, injuries and headaches. Trigger

  points can be felt as lumps or knots in a muscle.

  When pressed they feel sore. They form in response

  to excessive muscular stress that can be the result of

  accident, repetitive motion in sports or at work,

  postural habits or emotional distress.

  Once activated, trigger points force the muscle to

  shorten and remain that way.  These initiate a cycle

  of spasm, pain, tension and limited range of motion.

  Your therapist will locate and deactivate these points

  using direct pressure and stretch. It may be

  momentarily painful but ultimately greatly relieving.

  Trigger point is usually done in conjunction with deep

   tissue massage. 

Relaxation Massage 

Sports Massage

​ Relaxation Massage has long fluid strokes that have

  specific therapeutic benefit on both deep and superficial


  This Massage technique increases circulation and reduces

  emotional and physical stress. It shortens the recovery

  time from muscular strain and encourages the release of

  endorphins, the body's own pain relieving chemicals. It can

  be received in a light or firm pressure. 

  Supported with aromatherapy oils, heated towels & hot stones Relaxation Massage aims to melt away muscle tension and help the client attain inner peace and balance.

Pregnancy Massage

Your treatment will most likely be a combination of massage techniques to suit your needs.


​​If it is your first time visiting you will be asked some questions about your current physical condition, medical history, experiences with areas of pain, areas that hold tension and where there is any specific need you want addressed. 


Most massage techniques are traditionally performed with the client unclothed: you may decide what amount of clothing you prefer to wear for your own comfort.  You will be properly draped at all times to keep you warm and comfortable.  Only the area being worked on will be exposed.

Depending on your needs, I will massage the full body or focus on specific areas that need attention. General relaxation or stress reduction sessions usually include massaging all the major areas of the body.  A session for a localised injury or pain will mainly concentrate on key areas. With your consent I will use clay heat packs and warmed stones to heat and relax areas being worked on. 

Your only 'job' during the massage is to clear your mind and breathe.  Let go! This is your time.  Give yourself permission to release stress and tightness.  Allow yourself to soften more and more into the table with each exhalation.  Let your body feel what it is like to be totally relaxed.  If you want to talk during the massage, that is fine. But don't feel obligated.  Do what makes you comfortable. 

  Pregnancy Massage is side lying

 supported by pillows with mums-to-be

 totally relaxed (and sometimes

 asleep!) during the massage. You are

 fully draped, only the area being work on is exposed.

 Benefits from receiving a Pregnancy

 Massage include -

 Relief from Neck, Back and Shoulder


 Reduced Stress and Anxiety

 Improved Sleep

 Reduction of Swelling around  

 feet, ankles

 Relief from Pain in Legs and Arms

 Physical & Mental Relaxation

 If you are are a high risk pregnancy  

 please consult with your health care

 adviser before booking for a massage.